Welcome to the Darzi Clothing Company’s online shop.

Browse our wide range of country wear for men, women, and children crafted using some of the finest quality materials. We have a selection of beautifully tailored gilet waistcoats and Nehru jackets in a stunning array of colours.  From a delicate pebble grey to a rich leaf green, and to a vibrant coral red, the signature Darzi colour palette is inspired by all the hues of nature, which shows an astonishing variety throughout the changing seasons.

Each of our exquisitely tailored original wool Darzi gilets and jackets is made from the finest quality 100% mid-weight Shetland tweed and lined with an insulating, yet breathable fleece, which gives extra warmth in the colder months. The Nehru collar, which has become a trademark of the Darzi brand is bound with a Somerset cowhide trim, showing a wonderful attention to detail.  

We have recently added two menswear product lines. First is the Wax Cotton Darzi, which is made from 100% cotton and waxed for a water-resistant finish. Second is Linen Darzi, which is made from a lightweight textile, making it perfect for the summer season. Each gilet and jacket is finished with a contrasting pocket and buttons, which draw attention to the clean lines of the tailoring.

If any of our finely crafted gilets of jackets catch your eye, click through for a closer look. Each product page features a number of images, including one of the piece being worn by a model, so you can get a real feel for each piece, and how it might fit into your wardrobe. You can be assured that the tailoring from Darzi features timeless cuts and designs, which will never go out of style.

If you have any queries about our sizing, use of materials, or any general questions, please do get in touch with our dedicated team, by emailing info@darziclothingcompany.com. Finally, don’t forget to follow us on our various social media channels to be the first to know about the release of new collections and product lines.