Darzi Clothing Company was born from a love of cut, colour and style.

The brand embraces the influence of country clothing whilst harnessing a modern and contemporary twist away from the traditional.

Founded in 2010, Darzi specialises in wools, tweeds, linens and wax cottons for men, women and children.

The original Darzis were manufactured in Jaipur, India which is reflected by the Nehru styling on the jackets and waistcoats.

However, since 2015, all Darzis are now 100% made in England to showcase the highest standard of British tailoring. The brand prides itself on the quality and finish of the garments, using some of the finest materials available.

The vision is to continue to create finely cut jackets that are distinctive in style while also being comfortable and durable in either an urban or country environment.

Darzi strive to evolve their signature range of jackets by continuing to grow the selection of unique wools and tweeds offering even greater variety than

We just hope you enjoy them as much as we do!